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Star Trek is more alive than ever!

With five series and one movie in production, Star Trek’s shared universe is getting bigger every day. The franchise that has gone a long time without major releases is making a comeback in what fans say is the new “golden stage” of Star Trek.
Star Trek: Discovery was the starting point for that change. A story that starts with insubordination and shows the entire trajectory of the war between the federation and the Kinglons. The series starring a black woman is going to season four and is experiencing its best moment.

Two animation series are being developed to conquer children and young people. Star Trek: Lower Decks moves into season two while Star Trek: Prodigy will debut in the coming months. Prodigy has also proved to be one of the most anticipated releases in the entire Star Trek universe in recent years.

Derived from Discovery, Star Trek: Strange new worlds will also debut in the coming months and should return to the “optimistic” spirit of Star Trek. More than 50 years later with so many ups and downs, huge gaps, complicated movies like Nemesis, series like Enterprise that took too long to get right and died before their time, we have a new old Star Trek. Without the desire to be bold and break paradigms, without deconstructing anything, just exploring strange new worlds, looking for new ways of life, new civilizations.

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