My projects are all about design for social media. I have been specializing in this area for some time, and despite not having much experience, my projects show that I am prepared to enter the job market. Given the imminent entry into the labor market, I sought to work with Canadian brands widely known in my experimental pieces.

Social Media Projects

Fictitious Brand – Experimental Project

The campaign was created for a fictional pizzeria that is implementing a new menu option focused on “All you can eat.”
The concept is simple and aims to make the text and the background image stand out. Encapsulation elements are employed at the corners of the image to help direct the view directly to the center. The palette of warm colors reinforces that information is related to food. Complementary text, contacts, and logo are in the footer.

RBC Project

The concept for creating this campaign emerged based on the moment the world is going through. Thousands of people lost their jobs or had reduced wages, but that is no reason to forget about their future. So the campaign aims to show that RBC thinks about these people and will help them, so they don’t have to delay their future.
The design uses the colors of the brand and shows movement and attitude that speaks to the target audience of the campaign.

Baskin Robins Project

This concept was designed to show the product and create the desire to know and consume. The color palette accompanies the color of the product itself. Small “AcaĆ­” fruits with a blur on the sides of the bowl and the green leaf are being used with the effect of encapsulation, guiding the consumer’s eye directly to the middle of the image.

Sunny Brook School Project

The pandemic affected all sectors of society and schools were no different. Communication failures often make the whole pandemic even more frightening. This project was born thinking about it and delivering information clearly and directly. Focused on “back to school” after the pandemic, three different posts were developed to provide information clearly and simply to parents and students.
The first post uses the color yellow to draw attention to the feed. The following posts follow the brand colors, green and blue, respectively, and use the same fluid lines as the first.
The lines present on all posts bring continuity and unanimity to the composition.